About us

Initially, we were a small family owned and operated business based in Los Angeles, California helping adults quit smoking regular cigarettes and switch into electronic cigarettes since 2012.

In fact, we started very small going physically into a huge number of smoke shops across California from San Francisco to San Diego. We provided them with all they needed regarding e-cigarettes and all kinds of vape products and accessories. Since then, we have made a very strong relationship with our clients and expanded our business many times due to the wide range of products we had, fast deliveries, our competitive price and great customer service. Later on, based on our customers’ trust, we were able to expand our business in other states, including Nevada, Texas and Arizona.

In the past two years, we participated in almost every single vape show across the US and succeeded to sell our products, mainly, to wholesalers in many different states.

After careful considerations, we came to the decision of making VAPEMASTERING.COM website, which was aimed to provide adults smokers with a wide range of premium-quality vape products and accessories to help them quit smoking regular cigarettes conveniently and switch into electronic cigarettes.

VAPEMASTERING.COM highly values its customers’ trust; therefore, it will be selling only top quality products in the market, have them shipped to customers free-of-charge and as fast as possible, and more importantly, it will provide exclusively competitive prices and great customer service. VAPEMASTERING.COM will do its best to build a strong relationship with all its customers to gain their trust and support.

“Live the Dream, Vape Extreme”

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